Observation of advertising panels


* 75% of respondents watch the billboards (3.6 million people aged 14-66)
* 84% of respondents consider the advertising on external panels as imaginative and retainable
* 74% of the population share the opinion that the billboards belong to the atmosphere of the city
* 68% of them consider billboards to be an effective way of promoting products and services
* 59% of people show an interest in outdoor advertising
* 56% of respondents consider the billboards as the source of information  /zdroj AVR.sk/


Service as the part of advertising panel rent

* tape up of a paper poster on a billboard
* photos after tape up of  advertising panel-delivered as printed matter, CD or email
* 30-day monitoring of advertising panel
* free service in case of damage, vandalism, spray painters, effects of  weather – up to amount
   of replacement  of posters supplied by clients
* tape up is realised within 24 hours free of charge, in case of bad weather within 48 hours.
* the specification of the service is a part of  general business conditions of the company